"The Pig Sitters"

Rooster Dude shared this feedback 30 days ago

Hello Keen software house and other shallow things and people

I come order for you and order is the following

As we all understand that none of normally grown person reading the game title right will jerk for a bubble, respect or grow a pig ego for himself, but also in some cases this kinda dudes wanna revenge if you stepping on their creations from your big pig ego motives. So this guys must give a payback, kick their butts of from their pans and return the balance in servers which you are breaking, so the game is turning to swamp

Orders purpose: making possible for human-kind players to freely say "fuck you" to lices on the server, returning balance and cleansing servers

Order is the following

1.Zone chips and safe zones getting fuck outta game

2.Jump drives too

3.Laser antennas breaking connection when reaching 10/ms

instead you can choose a frequency for yours and roll mid mouse button to search for frequencies to find others nearby, voice chat also fits with this and global chat flood ends(you do it manually, you delete it)

4.Different accounts using the same copy of the game share the same pcu on the same server


Getting rid of Jetpacks

You respawn only on the planet you chosen at the start until you enter to another planets atmosphere

We understood each other ? I hope so

Or you making additional servers for this kind of gameplay, if the player amount restriction comes only from pcu problem, you can solve this by account restriction i ordered above and try to duplicate player amount and make some interesting things to explore to rip out this parasitic creatures from the servers. you can also shrink pcu usage up to 5 times and increase player amount to 64 so players will make colonies and defenders will patrol 24/7 so have a chance to really prove yourself as a king not just a lizard being parasitising on newbies keeping ass safe and under control