Thanks Keen for the new gameplay

SysZer@ shared this feedback 2 years ago

Thanks keen for the great game improvements with contracts and such.

Things that are really great.

1.reduced uranium finds. = previously this stuff was everywhere now it takes effort.

2. new look of the asteroids.

3. Contract missions especially the hauling ones

The Bad or could use help

1. It would be super nice to reduce the camera shake while walking on asteroids

2. Remove the surface images that clearly gives away there's ore in this spot. or keep the images and make the ores deeper (Type not detectable from the hand drill) and more spread out over the concentrated area..

on asteroids have a rare few that have ore at the core...

3. As for the hauling missions. Currently feels like your just a messenger hauling a light package all that distance. Amp it up by adding different weight's to the cargo's so that a ship has to be designed with hauling freight in mind.

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