360° free character rotation in zero gravity with Jetpack Off

Spets shared this feedback 17 months ago

In the current game state the character can only rotate to the sides left and right when in zero gravity and jetpack is off. Why not also rotate up and down and roll? Pitch, Yaw and Roll.

In a case your jetpack is out of fuel or your energy is also zero, you can't do much if you are in an asteroid for example, and your ship is a few meters away and above in space from you. But if you could rotate freely in zero gravity with no jetpack, you could jump and then turn around, and jump again till you reach the ship. This is not possible in the current state because you just end hitting your head, unable to rotate and engage your magnet boots onto the ship.

By the way, this actually happened to me several times in space, because I always forgot to check my suit energy, and there is no voice warning for that either.