Szenario Idear for alltime

|ado| shared this feedback 3 months ago


some of poeple has many ask in history for new feature. Ive become now a idear for this.

Its very Simple and Practicable, ado stile ...

A pirate group, 2 - 3 small fighter what will spawn in any asteroid field. And when come any Player newarby, so this group will start to attack.

Plz include this when spawn a Asteroid Cluster. I know all things of puzzle for this exist.

Spript: Pirate Script

Couple this with Encounter-System

for this we can start a Event, so all can post a Prototyp of group for this.

The Winning 3 will become Random-Status for Spawn.

Finish is the including of this so all have a little bit more Fun and Adventure.

Very small random chance, epic like

regards ado