Switch DLC blocks to their normal equivalent (like thrusters) for users not having DLC

Mad-Catcher shared this feedback 2 years ago


I noticed at the release of the DLC "Spark of the Future" that the futuristic thrusters are equivalent of the normal thrusters in term of sizes, performance and cost for both small and large grids, so they're just skins for specific blocks.

Knowing this fact, the problem which appear is about people who don't have the DLC and want to use a blueprint which has DLC thrusters. They are simply not loaded as expected for DLC blocks which is not the problem here, but while normal and DLC blocks such as thrusters are same, why don't switch DLC thrusters to normal thrusters (and not only them, all blocks that have just a different skin/model as DLC) instead of removing them?

That would be very useful to avoid doing a second blueprint with normal blocks.

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