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error 404 shared this feedback 12 months ago

I ahve been noticing this for a long time and it just amazes me how it doesnt seem to bother anybody ealse.

Well it looks extremly unprofesional and sloppy and i will delay telling you what it is till the very end.

Now i am not an internet troll, i dont have too much free time for stupid thinghs that do not matter, i am however very attentionate to details and i just cant get over some thinghs.

This comes in handy in my line of work, where a couple of hundreth of a mm makes a diference between a job well done or a failed project.

I just belive that evetythingh and everyone should knowingly strive to make whatever you are doing not the the best you can, but the best it can be.

Sadly, this game is the exact oposite thats why its no surprise that the issue that i will mention even exists, but i guess it is on the same level as the whole game.

I dont play the game very often, either i am busy with work or i am having fun in some other game that actualy works well.

I would like too tho, but to often i run into issues that make me quit and come here on suport to complain and write about problems with the game.

Thats why i feel it is important to mention that when i come to this suport site with the intent to share my negative experience, with hope of Keen improving its game.

It is like stabbing me in the eyes with hot knives...the background.

3 red ships, 2 blue ones. All nicely equiped with ion thrusters...traveling happily around the atmosphere..

Ok, you can call me a moron, delete this post and ban me, i dont care.

Or you can post a more apropriate background picture, inline with game mechanics and include some of the newer blocks added to the game, since current background picture is very old.

One easy move to make it all look a litle more profesional. Wouldnt you agree?

But than again i tried playing on a server yesterday and instantly fell inside a planet with the spawn pod, so after that every time i tried to respawn i did so inside the planet.

A fancy new background on this site wouldnt improve that much , now would it.

To hell with everythingh.

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