Support for Custom Gui Textures in Mods

WesternGamer shared this feedback 13 months ago

I was recently making a mod that changes the layout and textures of the Gui in the game but when I tried to load that mod, the custom textures did not load and a menu called Debug Draw showed up. Looking in the error log it said about some error related to references. When looking up the problem I found a post ( on the old Keen Software Forums about this exact problem and it looked like in the post that you are unable to add modded gui textures to the game so now I want support for custom gui textures in mods. Adding support for custom gui textures in mods would benefit me and the modding community because you would be able to make personalized and unique guis. The only way to add modded gui textures is to change the image file for the texture in the game files and you could break the game in the process so that's why adding support for custom hud textures in mods would make it easier for any person who wants a custom gui for their game to use the mod ingame and prevent them from accidently breaking their game.