Suit weapons, tools & consumables don't get replaced by RMB blocks in G-Menu

Jackattack shared this feedback 58 days ago

There is a very common issue that a lot of players experience when building a ship or station(especially beginners). This game has so many blocks to build with and you can't have it all on your hot bar.

And then (especially for survival) players will also need tools or weapons on their hotbar. And it can become quite frustrating when the tools you have in your hand get replaced by blocks.

There is a already existing way have lots of hot bars. But a large amount of players don't use these other hot bars often or forget while trying to use them.

That's what gave me the idea of having a system that prevents tools on a hotbar get replaced by another block by RMB by a block in the G-Menu. And instead will look for the next hotbar without a tool, weapon or consumable.

This method would be a lot simpler for the Devs compared to another idea suggested adding something like check boxes next to each slot to lock the block selection.

Thanks for reading.