Edric Bewley shared this feedback 3 years ago

I haven't tried all aspects of the Trial (scenarios, planets), as my interest in mainly in the 'space' part of the game.

Most everything that I tried, I liked. The new blocks, the progression aspect, the new random encounters.

There are a few things that I'd like to see modified, though.

1) Batteries.

It's unusual that I can salvage everything else in the game, except the Power Cells. After digging, I found comments about an 'exploit' with these, and will confess that I'm not entirely sure what that meant. Something about constructed batteries having a partial charge?

Why would they have a charge on construction? Why emphasize that aspect over the ability to salvage them?

Could we perhaps adjust this so that Power Cells are able to be salvaged?

2) Ore rarity.

I noticed in the Test that ores are much more rare than when I previously played. I like that - but not quite to the degree they are at this point. The last playthrough, I think I found 1 site with Uranium, and never did find any Platinum. I'd scouted numerous asteroids, utilizing the Ore Detector, but no luck. I think perhaps this could be tweaked slightly to improve odds. Not much, just a little.

3) Projectors

Currently, the projector is a great idea - but exceedingly difficult to work with. After loading a blueprint, you have to 'tweak' the placement. But, as it is now, the interface window blocks the view - almost completely! Only a tiny bit around the edges is visible, leading you to try something, exit, see what happened, then go back in and try something else. It's clumsy!

Perhaps a button that pops up JUST the movement sliders, in a transparent HUD screen? That way, you can see THROUGH the panel to what you are doing, and can still move the sliders back and forth to adjust position as desired.

4) Reload option in menu.

It's not quite a 'hardcore' game, and saves are automatic - but if I goof, I have to exit to the main menu to find a reload. There currently is no option for "oh, crap... that construction tweak just caused things to self-destruct..."


"I wonder what THIS button does??"


<as a ghost> "Well!! THAT'S no good!!"

5) Quick buttons for Remote Control

I like to use a Recycler ship. Slim build, with 2 Grinders on one end, 2 Welders on the other, and a Connector on the third side. I'd like to be able to set up a control on my Quick Bar where I press 7, and I'm in the Grinder side, camera already active.

Exit control

press 8, now I'm flying the Welder side, using the materials I just pulled off that derelict ship.

Exit control

Press 9, now I'm controlling the ship from the perspective of the Connector, going back to my storage area to drop off the spare parts that I didn't need.

I'm sure there are other ideas, but I don't recall them at the moment. But, this is a great start!

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