[Suggestion]Replace whole stacks

Simpson3k shared this feedback 20 months ago

I find it really troublesome if you want to drag and drop a new stack of ore into the refinery, because of the limited space consumed by other orestacks already in the queue, you have to place the new ore and then remove the former ore from the queue then add more from the new ore repeatly till all the ore got replaced. If the refinery is still using the conveyer system it can be even worse.

Thats why i was thinking, what if you drag and drop one ore stack directly onto another that the two stacks switch location. Say the refinery is still processing cobalt and you want to replace it with platinum from the big storage container. You drag and drop it in the suggested way and the platinum stack gets moved to the refinery while the cobalt stack is moved to the cargo container.

The current mechanic of just adding another stack to the refinery queue can still stay if you drag and drop a stack to an empty spot in the queue.

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