Suggestion: Grinder and salvage improvments

Alex Allin shared this feedback 2 years ago

When playing PVP or PVE it seems silly to me that the fastest way into a base or ship is to grind through the 2.5 m walls instead of through the door. From following some modding discussions on the discord it seems that this is because grinding time is calculated based on the components in a block and lite armour only has a few steel plates. If possible I would suggest the following changes to make takeovers more challenging and fun: (NOTE: I would make these changes only for blocks on grids belonging to other factions, so that modifying your own structures and ships isn't tedious and time-consuming)

1) Increase grinding speed for a number of blocks when not owned by your faction. Some blocks are already good, like doors, but others are way to easy to grind. In my opinion, doors and windows should be some of the easiest to grind, with armour blocks being among the hardest. This would encourage looking for specific entry points when trying to take over a base or ship instead of just grinding through the walls. If I am correct in how grinding time works, then this would require adding an extra property to all blocks that indicates grinding difficulty when owned by another faction. Maybe if this value is null, then the game reverts to the current calculation in order to not break mods that are not updated.

2) Possibly reduce the percentage of components you get from grinding a block if it does not belong to you. This encourages taking over a grid if you want to salvage it. Leaving the current system in place for grids that belong to the player also means that you can still make adjustments to grids you are working on without losing material.

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