[SUGGESTION] Create ad-hoc block-groups in toolbar

Olivier Jacot-Descombes shared this feedback 7 months ago

As the number of available standard blocks, blocks from DLCs and from mods increases, it becomes it becomes more and more difficult to organize the toolbar.

I suggest being able to create ad-hoc block groups on the toolbar from which you can select a block with the mouse wheel. When you drag and drop a block from the G-menu to the toolbar, it replaces any block that was there before. I suggest being able to hold the SHIFT-key while dropping the block. This would preserve the previous block and create an ad-hoc block group (with a + sign on the icon) together with the new block.

Example: On a toolbar position you have the grinder tool. Now you drop the welder tool holding SHIFT. As a result, you can now switch between grinder and welder with the mouse wheel.