Suggested Update

Calum Walker shared this feedback 16 months ago

Overall great game, been eagerly awaiting the Xbox arrival for years, now that's it's here and I've been able to get the space engineers experience I have a suggestion for a possible future update. I think that a combat update would take the game to the next level with features such as new player and ship weapons along with stronger armour and new shapes of armour such as 3x1x1 blocks. Another possible feature could be the implementation of new enemy factions which implement the new weapon types. New ship weapons could include; Vulcan PDCs, AA guns, large battleship ESC cannons or even space-age lasers. New character weapons could include; shotguns, snipers even pistols to add more excitement to personnel engagement. A post made by Leonhardt also expresses interest in a combat update, with multiple great ideas which I believe will make a great addition to your game. At the end of the day, these are just suggestions, I believe the game will turn out great no matter where you guys and gals take it.

Sincerely, Calum