Station buying ore/ingots/component in too small quantity

Puruska37 shared this feedback 4 years ago

I started in a space pod, took me 2 week of play (1-2 hours a day average) to get a nice ship with jump drive to be able to go easily from station to station.

Trying to make money by selling my component, ingots and ore I found out that the quantity that station buy are very small and even after 2 week of going station to station I did not had to mine much more ore as I can't get through my reserve.

Station need to buy more of any of those, this is a natural resource sink into the game anyway as it disappear into void.

I can understand keen don't want player to be billionaire to fast, but that is just ridiculous as the only thing of real value to buy are the safe zone chip which also does not sell in big enough quantity, rarely go over a 12 million value for a single stack.

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