Standardize Armor Customization

Electrocutor shared this feedback 7 months ago

I propose that block customization consist of a primary color, secondary color, and style; and that all styles support the gamut of color selections.

Currently, block styles consist of a color and skin. Some of the skins support colors while others do not. For example, silver disables all colors instead of simply making the color metallic. In other cases, the skin should have two colors: primary and secondary: for example, coloring the Moss skin red-orange would make it look like rust.


* Rename 'Silver' to 'Metallic' and allow color selection

* Create a replacement for the Deluxe skin 'Gold' (since that would be part of 'Metallic'), perhaps an animated skin like the Shadow and Vorlon ships from Babylon 5.

* Rename 'Moss' to 'Mottled' and allow secondary color selection

* Add normal map to the 'Wood' style to make grain have depth

* Add a style named 'Plate' to go along with the non-DLC 'None' and 'Clean' that has a more welded-panel look

* Have DLC style packs be theme-based instead of willy-nilly, and separate from decoration packs.

* Have a section of user-defined (saved) colors so we don't have to replace the existing ones with our own and so they will persist.

* Add metal foil, ablator, weathered, and cracked skins to existing or part of new DLC

As has been proven time and again with other games, you can easily monetize cosmetics for considerable revenue so long as you do so intelligently and not in a way that has your customer base questioning if you're trying to money grab (like making a locked down silver-only or gold-only skin when there is no development cost between the two). You could also release a DLC that expands upon the available armor shapes to allow more customization in looks.