Spawn - Respawn

Takeshi shared this feedback 2 years ago

Hi Keen, thx for the continious work on the game, sometimes i am not happy with your changes, sometimes i am.

Have played arround with the playtest this weekend and have feedback for Spawn and Respawn.


Started on earthlike planet with droppod and had to start at this place, didnt have much options so i tried to get the pod mobile. After loosing my survival kit in a fire i started on the moon because i saw wheels on the start vehicle. I like the idea to be mobile (wheeled) at start, checked the earth start and there are parts (small tubes) missing to add 4 wheels.

--> add a wheeled vehicle also for planets or add enough parts so that player can add wheels for itself

--> (just for check: startvehicle was not temporary, how to pretend from having to much waste?)


you will prevent from teleporting over large distances, from my perspective this wasnt a problem because you need a medstation on the target position. Means you was there or you know somebody how was there. But i understand the point. It is working and i think it is a good solution.

--> if i respawn after loosinf/deactivating my survival kit, please remove older respawn GPS or replace it with the current (new) one

Spawn near players:

I need a while to understand that the first spawn GUI is a selection for faction and i spawn near my faction players, if i am accepted.

--> i saw open spawnpoints + pods from planets/moons, is there a way to know on wich planet/moon my factionmembers are? So i can start on the same planet near my factionmembers. Like "Eartlikeplanet spawnpod xx members near spawnpoint ..."

Thx for reading it.