Sparks of the Future Update - Shocks

George Baker shared this feedback 44 days ago

I've been playing since release and i love the game and all your hard work, ive been asked by Dan2D3D to make a report so here are my findings, thoughts and thanks for everything you do.

First, performance has dropped quite dramatically, in the past ive been running servers and been able to play the game on high settings, as of the past couple of weeks to months i have had to play the game on lowest possible settings, i as well as others have still been suffering from dramatic lag spikes where the game freezes but the server continues, we crashed a large rocket on the moon because of it. depending on hardware determines how long the spike lasts as my friend with a better system had the same freeze spike but his ended about 30s sooner.

There has also been very high CPU usage and even overloads on the servers recently causing pauses and shutdowns which has been frustrating our players.

A big change we noticed is with mining, drills seem to be going through ore pockets as fast as usual but collecting much less stone/ice/ore overall, this has dramatically slowed down the already average paced pvp and trading economy on the servers when combo'd with the fact the refinery is also producing less ingots, we used to run 1 miner 6 drills 9 cargo with 1 refinery 2 speed 2 yield modules just to build 1 small grid miner, it took a good hour or more to get the ship finished.

now, sadly, an hour of mining, even longer refining as we have to use 4 yield to make up for the difference and we're still under our previous production levels and as a result there's been no trading or pvp on our main server and because of the performance hits on top we've hardly had any players on.

also in creative we noticed a small grid ship, we tried the new hinge blocks with the new sci-fi ion thruster skin which looks amazing, sadly anything connected to the ship using a small grid large hinge wasnt considered part of the ship, we could move the hinge fine, but anything beyond that point didnt register as part of the ship (was not in control panel menu).

The ore/drills/refinery were absolutely perfect before the updates, one thing i would suggest is a change to the speed modules, as they make the machines work faster, it would be realistic to make them consume more power for working faster. also adding a job for the yield module on assemblers, when they reverse components back into ingots would be great, so adding a base value for each component for % yield, having 2 yield components giving you 100% yield for the component you disassembled.

Also some people including myself on the main server have noticed sometimes unable to mine meteor pockets at all, even with a T2 drill.

Also when a meteor pocket has been mined, the ore detector still shows the marker which when we setup ore relays using antennas to broadcast ore locations they get all confused because they only detect the nearest ores, iow the surface meteor pockets, which has made the ore antenna redundant as we mine the meteor pockets leaving nothing but a hole but still see the golden ore marker on hud, even after turning all the ore detectors and antennas off and on again.

Also something we've been wanting as our faction on the server is on the surface a mining and trading colony, but to members only we are a military faction, dominating the galaxy slowly with ships and probes, we wanted a blue and white version of our faction picture outside but underground we wanted red and black to reflect our factions true face for members only, so an option for changing the faction picture colors on LCD screens would be a very appreciated. maybe also allowing you to put other factions pictures on lcds so you can put a board up and say who are allies and who are enemies in your base ect. this will add some unique opportunities for pvp roleplay servers where faction rivals are concerned.

Also say 2-4 new weapons would be appreciated, we need a cannon, some form of laser, some form of sniper, we would love some new weapons, as alot of the weapons packs on the workshop as great as they are, are very large long downloads heavy on cpu usage hitting performance and we prefer not to use them. and a shield system would be amazing, again as workshop shields are great but you guys are the lead developers and with the work you've already done we know you could make something great and you have plenty to work from with the workshop for inspiration and optimization.

That's all for now, i just want to say thank you and congratulate you on the work you've done, space engineers although it needs some tweaking with the new updates, its a masterpiece of engineering, from rendering to mechanics to graphics, its beautiful in every way, and i along with my community will continue to support and fund you. thank you for taking the time to read.