Space Suit Modules

John Manousakis shared this feedback 5 years ago

I don't know how hard it is to implement a paperdoll for the character but a modular space suit seems both appealing and fitting in the new progression and survival path that it is currently onto.

My idea is the starting suit to have places for like 3 modules. You can later craft and wear better suits that provide more module slots.

Space Suit Modules Ideas :

Power conservation module

By using advance materials these modules are able to redirect power more efficiently, allowing the electronics and tools of the Engineer to drain less power over time.

[=] 3 Tiers (15%/25%/40%) Less Energy Usage.

Effective Thrusters module

This module attaches a reconductor on the pipelines which ionizes some of the dormant hydrons venting out of the thrusters, effectively providing a fuel conservation for the suit.

[=] 3 Tiers (15%/25%/40%) Less Hydrogen Consumption.

Rebreather module

Absorbing some of the carbon dioxide the engineer exhales, this module can reuse the substantial unused oxygen during each breath, providing an increase longevity for internal and carried O2 tanks.

[=] 3 Tiers (15%/25%/40%) Less Oxygen Consumption

Solar Energizer

Micro solar panels attached to key locations on the suit provide a steady supply of energy to suit's energy cells , as long as the engineer is under direct sunlight.

[=] 1 Tier Suit's Energy slowly recharges over time, under direct sunlight

Shoulder Arm

An extra hand is always handy! Terrible puns are the only bad things Tritec Co. produces, because our products are guaranteed to work under any circumstance and any harsh condition. The Grappler 2000 Shoulder Arm (TM) is no exception, providing a means for the space engineer to do his job faster, safer and with minimal effort! Attaches for the arm include :

[=] Mini welder = Provide a bonus to any welding you are performing (+25% speed to welding)

[=] Personal mini turret = Those sneaky wolves will never jump on you again! (automatically attacks nearby threats, up to 100 meters, uses the same rounds as the handheld weapon)

[=] Lido mono-wheel = A wheel that the arm deploys on the ground, allowing you to travel anywhere . Includes gyros and magnetic attachers (you can travel on any surface, even grids)

[=] Zion Grav Thrust = A mini thruster that can be pointed in every direction by the help of the arm, it works as anti-collision system. The thruster has a detector, for detecting solid surfaces and masses on a certain range. 100m detection range. Requires hydrogen (It tries to negate any collision of the engineer towards a surface by providing a reverse velocity. Thruster uses hydrogen and it can also levitate the engineer 2-3 meters above ground)

[=] Petra Grappler Uprade= A grappling hook that can be use to bring small objects to you (floating ores, components , tools etc) or used to attach yourself to solid surfaces and reel yourself to them. Range up to 20 meters.

Medical Nanites Pack

Small doses of medical nanites are releasing into the bloodstream of the user by this module, clotting wounds , repairing tissue and even small bone fractures.

[=] 3 Tiers (15%/25%/40%) Health Regeneration Boost.

Personal Shield Generator

Encapsulating gravitons in strong plasma fields , this shield can create a barrier that blocks all incoming damage (kinetic, energy and otherwise) to the user. The only drawback is that you can't use your personal weapons. ( All damage that would hurt the engineer is mitigated, even the falling damage)

[=] 5 Tiers (10%/20%/30%/40%/50%) Damage Reduced. At Tier 5, Engineer becomes immune to falling damage up to 2g.

Ryuuga wagateki wo kurau module

Turns user into a dragon.

I don't know what and which of those are possible, but you get the general idea. Having upgrades for the suit, together with the tools and weapons seems interesting to say the least.

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