SOTF Small Grid Doors

Molten Carnage shared this feedback 51 days ago

Keen, I was excited to hear about small grid doors in the now released Sparks Of The Future pack. I wish I could say that the doors matched my expectations; sadly no.

Everything is fine with the doors except for one major, and this is pretty significant, flaw. For reasons I can't fathom, you made the doors 4X5 cube blocks. Why is this significant? Because the large grid armor cube blocks are 5x5x5 small grid cube blocks. This poses a problem with super gridding either from the top of the door or the bottom; depending on weather you align it from the top or the bottom. We are now forced to have an inexplicable block layer on the bottom of the door or the top. From an engineering point of view, it's like looking at a product that you gave empirical measurements for, and getting a finished product in metric. Have you ever gotten a door too short for your home's front door frame? Yeah, that's what it's like. If you could stretch it's height by 1 small grid cube block, that would fix the issue and the doors would be perfect.

Love everything else in the pack.