SOTF feedback - Paint gun tool needed for full enjoyment of new skins

David Warp shared this feedback 41 days ago

Great stuff, hinges were great surprise. Cant wait for next update ;-)

I think some better painting tool is needed. (Like paint gun mod)

We got plenty of block skins available now but in some cases you have to remove block(light or railing etc) to be able to paint block behind even its fully visible. You have to plan colours ahead because repainting is pain and constant removing and adding block for paint job is making experimenting with skins more annoying than fun. I added paint gun mod and it is soo much better experience with new skins in difficult block placements.

simple example. corridor with new interior wall and corner lights. you want to change colour so remove light change colour and build light again then set up light and finding out that colour isnt really ideal so remove light change colour of the wall and build light again ... after few tries you just give up.