Some problems and flaws with the purchasable ships

Thaddeus Burr shared this feedback 2 years ago

Obviously this isn't a super-critical-game-breaking-issue, however the flaws in so many of the buyable ships are enough to deserve your attention to hopefully improve the ships' designs:

Burstfire Bomber- for a "bomber", a single rocket launcher (not even reloadable) is sad. Also, its "emergency ion thrusters", which aren't even on the hotbar, are useless. The acceleration is .01m/s and they only point foward. It's still my favorite small ship, but...ugh.

B980 Hauler- there is absolutely nothing protecting its single large cargo container from getting shot out from below, nor its hydrogen tank. It's a very pretty design, but if it can't keep its cargo safe, it's not a very good hauler. Also it runs out of hydrogen a little too quickly for long-distance hauls, but that may be the incentive to upgrade to the B60. And, it has no antenna. That's a small one, but c'mon, gotta have an antenna.

B60 Bulk Freighter- my most favorite ship of all, yet I can't help but complain that it has only 1 interior turret mounted atop the ship for "defense". It's a big freighter, probably going be everyone's flagship cargo haulers, yet it can't even defend itself against a flock of birds. And its two side connectors are covered by its upper hull, so connecting with ships/stations is hard.

Fighter Mk. 2- I'm sorry, but it's pathetic. It's designed purely for looks. It's begging to have its weapons shot off by a single decent turret volley, as well as its thrusters. It's a death trap.

Cursor- the best of the fighters, but not without flaw. Its underslung battery is completely unprotected from being shot out from below, and two of its four gatling guns also stick out.

LCC-3 Freighter: You can't climb the ladder to the cockpit without opening the door it climbs up to first. That's really annoying to get used to. Unlike the B60, this has a whole gatling turret...that can only protect its underside, and poorly protect it at that. Worst of all though, IT DOESN'T HAVE A JUMP DRIVE?! What! This thing's bigger than the B60, is powered entirely by ion thrusters, but doesn't even have a jump drive? I think Specialized Heavy Industry has ripped us off! (Except for the deployable decoys, those are awesome)

The only ship I've bought so far that I had no issues with were the Blue Ambassador Explorer and the Courier, so obviously (at least to my standards) there ARE some very good ships to buy, but the fact that so many of them have such problems is very annoying. Obviously you can build your own ships instead of buy these, but a) not everyone wants to, hence the ships for sale b) if there are purchasable ships, why not make them worth buying? :)