Small ship glass

SpaceEngineers_Love_CZ shared this feedback 3 years ago

Hey keen.

So to make this short. Small ship glass. It has been requested several times, it's so obvious it is missing in the game. But we still haven't got this. Honestly why are you defending against small ship glass?

So now we have got transparent LCDs for small ships, but no glass yet. Many people will now use those LCDs instead of regular glass, which is quite performance heavy, so i guess later small ship glass would have to be added anyways. I have seen some of your responses under simmilar or identical topics, and honestly, it's a quite weak defense. One of your arguments was that you don't want to make the game more complicated. From user's point of view, this would not change anything, as you could just add those blocks under already existing glass blocks. And it does not seem like you meant more complicated code-wise, as more features are being added via DLCs.

My final words are, that i made this topic in hope, that it would give alot of people what they want. I wouldn't even mind it as DLC, but keen please add it to the game. On the other side, what are the cons? Some more work, that's it.

Thank you, my, and many other's wishes will be fulfilled. Cheers.

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