Simple suggestions for improving community interaction

Thaddeus Burr shared this feedback 8 months ago

Keen Software House needs to improve their communication with the community. I made a topic about this 8 months ago, but now I wish to suggest ways to do that.

1. MORE DEV LIVESTREAMS. Take notes from System Era (devs of Astroneer). They host regular, monthly livestreams to interact with the community and host Questions and Answers sessions. I *strongly* believe Keen will benefit immensely from doing the same thing.

2. CREATE POLLS ABOUT FUTURE UPDATES. This is a good way to test the waters and see which things players believe require immediate attention. The polls should be a simple "Which of these would you like to see most in the next update?" kind of question.

3. DEV BLOGS. Use the Steam news/announcements feature to release regular, monthly updates on how development is going, what is being worked on currently, pictures/short videos of things in the new build, and other information players are always interested to read.

Keen is certainly aware of its own reputation among SE players. Improving communication is the first step toward improving our relationship.

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