Shorter small grid ladders

wasgehtsiedasan shared this feedback 5 months ago

For small grid the ladders are sometimes just too long. For example if you build a truck or any bigger ground vehicle getting into the indoors can be difficult since ladder are sometimes just too long but without them you need to build weird blockstairs and there is missing that little sweetspot inbetween. Another idea would be a stepping block or something like that to wich you snap like a ladder. It would help on modded hardcore playthroughs without planetary jetpack or if it simply ran out of fuel. And sure you could build a little lift with pistons wich i also have done in the past but that also isnt always the best way of doing things. The existing ladders already look like two smaller ones combined so maybe just use that.

Anyway since you cant steer in the air after you jump (wich is good since its realistic) another way of getting on a high vehicle would be nice, or a retractable ladder variant but thats too much maybe.

It would probably be easily doable with a mod but i didnt find any and i am not able to make one myself.

I know its not important or whatever but little additions like these would be great in the future.