Ship deleted by admins or unfairly deleted

Niman animation shared this feedback 8 months ago

Hello, I am a player that loves this game for the most part, I just encountered a problem on Keen Na#3, I am Raven(JHK) and my group Raptor Intelligence shipyards has just had 3 of our ships deleted even though they had power to last a week in total without a player getting on to refuel the uranium, It seems that an admin had deleted them, In my opinion, this would be something that makes players quit, I even think about quiting myself now, I spent over 2 weeks working on a ship that just got deleted after a week of inactivity from my group because we had real life stuff going on. I want my heckin ship back, this was unjust, just because we were off for a week we get ships we spent weeks on deleted, and I think it should atleast be a month before admin deletion, I bet some of you guys at keen have had a week or 2 vacation from being on a game, or going to work. I just dont understand why we had to suffer for your admins deleting a ship that we spent weeks on, so now we have to restart from scratch and take weeks again to get these ships back.