Shift priorities to add more ways to use what we already have

Isaac Fry shared this feedback 16 months ago

I disagree the current priorities in both free and DLC updates. Right now, Space engineers is a brilliant platform for building creations, and modders have been able to expand on this greatly. The start of survival being overhauled, the replay feature and the new cosmetic/decorative improvement are nice, but honestly don't add a lot to the fun of the vast majority of players. New blocks in general, while cool, are something we can find on the workshop. The problem is that there is very little to DO with your creations. This is made worse by the comparison between how long it takes to build something and how quickly you can lose it.

To expand the horizons of the game, there needs to be things like campaigns, challenges and enemies that display more complex behaviour. The existing campaign is good and the mode where you survive against waves of simple drones is simple fun (if shallow), but ultimately both are short and don't explore the games full potential. These things can be implemented by modders only to an extent. If this is going to get done, then it must be a priority of the dev team.

Creating your own fun is possible but really needs creative mode so building doesn't take an age, and/or admins to act as gamemasters. We must create our own structured gamemodes (Engineer Wars is the best example of this) and its difficult to organise, maintain and populate. I have built many ships and enjoyed doing so, but it depresses me that it seems they will remain little more than ornaments until such a time as the other side of the game gets some love.

This is one of my favourite games, and I say these things because I want to see it reach its full potential.