Server Availability after Release

JOHN GEERS shared this feedback 3 years ago

After the release and even during the Beta tests, Keen Official servers are all full up in NA. If you want to get back in it is a full time job banging away at trying to login until someone quits or gets booted. So, if you want to play MP you have to go to an unofficial server and HOPE that the person hosting it admins it and that it is not a fly by night server or hang out clicking on "join server". That was always my biggest complaint all these years.. whatever it was, server crashes, overloads, clang, fly by night servers, etc, it is very discouraging to not be able to continue your builds or see them so easily lost.

To reitterate... It is very discouraging in a building game, spending hours on builds only to find that you cannot get back in to continue. Makes one start to think about playing other games, being annoyed at SE/Keen, and doing other things. Not trying to create hate... Just telling you how it impacts.

Nothing like being invited to the party and being told to wait outside until someone goes outside to puke and makes room for you to go in. lol

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