Satisfying gameplay features

Spets shared this feedback 17 months ago

Keen, you should know that, We, Gamers. We like oddly satisfying stuff. Like for example, completing something that you are supposedly to complete in the game (not something you have to make and objective yourself like building a base) but Achievements for example, goals, a mission, collecting useless "diamonds" even, what about Tokens?

You have a few of this satisfying gameplay features but not enough in my opinion. Like, capturing the Cargo Ships, or finding the Random Encounters, destroying the Pirate Bases, catching the Unknown Signals.

Why not add this Unknown signal stuff inside the Cargo Ships, Random Encounters, Pirate Bases, etc? Put something there that is hard to obtain normally, or even only obtainable from them, those bases, ships. I know you made the Cargo Ships and Encounters a little more interesting, I didn't try them yet in the Playtest though. But still, there is nothing inside them to make me go and find them, capture them, if can obtain those things in other places.

I hope you understand what I mean with this. Love this game and I want it to have more vanilla fun stuff to do, without having to build the fun yourself or use mods.