Reworking of the Earth-like planet (making ice deposits more realistic)

Avelius shared this feedback 2 years ago

Dear community and Keen Software House development team,

Just to clarify things: This is no water suggestion or something like that.

I already saw that your dev team has declined the idea of water, so no worries.

But I have an idea on how the Earth-like planet could be improved to be a little more realistic and I thought on how it could actually be more "comfortable" for new and veteran players of SE without the need of a water feature.

Imagine a new player who just bought and just started playing SE, on for example a server.

Lets say he got to the Earth-like planet because his Lander didn't make it out of its gravity field and the first thing he sees (after some time) is a warm-looking forest area with a sea or lake wich looks like an actual water lake. Then he comes closer just to find out that it is just made out of ice. In a humid, warm forest biome.

And what would he might think then? - He would might think that the ice in that forest biome (or humid biomes in general) is just a temporary placeholder for actual water later on.

So if adding actual fluid water isn't an option at all, I would suggest to completely remove the ice lakes and seas from all humid biomes for a more "realistic" atmosphere.

By removing the ice lakes and "frozen" seas, the ore likelyhood in those biomes could be increased instead, so it would be more interesting to mine ores in humid biomes.

Then the ice biomes could be increased in size, but with ores being more rare.

In general we're talking about an just "Earth-like" planet here, so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't matter much if the ice biomes would be bigger and the forest biomes a little bit smaller, where the ore likelyhood would clearly differ from those biomes for balancing reasons.

So, if you guys want the game to be more polished and "player friendly", I would think of redoing the "Earth-like planet" just like that planet you made for Medieval Engineers.

I hope my little article here was good enough to be understood, because I'm not a native speaker.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :D