Revamp/Improve Pick-Up System

Aleliabro shared this feedback 2 years ago

It is difficult in SE to place items where you want them in the environment without having to kick them around or fly into them to move them. Or its impossible because they no hit box at all.

I suggest a new system that would work as follows:

Similar to Medieval Engineers you should be able to 'hold' a floating object/item in your hand so you can move it around. The object should be visually placed in the characters hand (different positions for different objects) for example, an oxygen bottle could be held under the players arm rather than hand. Then have a ghost item show on the screen for the player where the item will be placed (like what happens when you spawn the item in in creative mode). The player should then be able to manipulate the positioning using the block rotation controls, so when the item is 'Let Go' it will fall in the orientation chosen (if there's gravity obviously).

How to control it:

When you hover over an item there should be a 'Hold in Hand' and a 'Add to Inventory' control. This can either be the Use/Interact control and an extra control for holding in the hand, or the left and right mouse buttons. The player would then use the rotate controls that they already have for block rotation to move it in the orientation a player wants.

When the ghost item comes in contact with a block or another object its orientation should be reset so the largest flat part should be in contact with the blocks surface.

Why would it be useful?:

Setting up scenarios would be easier, be able to line objects up (like datapads on a bookshelf for example). Moving objects around would be easier for RP if they had a store with the objects on the shelf they could just hold in their hand then give it to a player. Which is much quicker than having to go into the trading screen or inventory and then having to accept the trade or drop it and not knowing where the object will spawn. Would also make the game feel more natural rather than object disappearing and reappearing.

It will also enable a player to hold items when their inventory is full. Another addition would be to have the 'Package' item in two variants. One that's used for contracts and NPC's etc that are locked, and one that can be used as a crate/chest to hold items in and can be carried by the player, but unable to be added to the inventory. As the model of the Package has 2 handles on it anyway this would be a good way of having players move multiple things around, when held it should slow the player down a little.