Remove mod blocks from DLCs.

Vas Vadum shared this feedback 8 months ago

There are several blocks in the DLCs that are paywall content, that were free as mods. KeenSWH took these people's mods, either as ideas or their content, who knows. Most likely just their ideas and remade them so that they could put them in pay only areas.

These blocks were created by modders, for free and should not be paywalled. Release these blocks to the base game for free.

I was told the Projector was already removed from the DLC, but it appears to still be in the game's DLC files by a moderator but it appears that was false. The Transparent LCD is nearly an exact replica as well. Linking the two mods so far that I've found are near exact copies.

Please stop adding near exact copies of mods to paywall DLCs. Besides that, functional blocks should not be paywalled in the first place.

This is the only reason I am anti-DLC. If it was just skins, decorations, fine, whatever. But its the fact that you make us pay for modded blocks, that makes me tell people to avoid the DLC all together, to avoid getting the DLC myself. Once you stop taking people's ideas as your own, I will be glad to get the DLCs. If you're going to take people's ideas, credit them for it. Ask them for it. Don't just assume everything you see belongs to you.