Reintroduce ability to have rigidly attached subgrids

GrindyGears shared this feedback 3 years ago

Many many moons passed keen removed a feature known as the "safety lock" it was a handy feature that basically rigidly fused two subgrids together so that no matter how much force you applied to it, it wouldn't budge. This feature was ultimately removed due to performance issues, but the functionality added by the system had a great deal of utility, especially when builds started getting a little bit larger.

What I would like to suggest is a new implementation of the "physics weld" havok constraint that does not put as much stress on the system.

Things that would/should be done differently

- Removal of the automatic speed based locking, even though I utilized the lock a lot, this feature had a tendency to cause me issues and so i avoided it, when possible.

- Change the constraint setup from working only based on physics blocks, to a also include a discrete "constraint" tool, this kind of functionality can be seen in games like Gary's mod

- This may sound counter intuitive, but making the system less dynamic, and not easily able to be done constantly on the fly would lower overhead, and hopefully prevent multiple constraints from conflicting, thus causing our friend clang to surface.

For those interested in supporting this I have a few videos for your viewing that show what happens when the constraints that were once solid are now at the mercy of clang