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Recommended Community Servers

Gaz shared this feedback 3 months ago

Hi there,

I think there should be an option for community servers to gain recommended status with a couple of requirements, such as:

- Non-experimental (or certain mods only)

- 16gb RAM and up

- Tested and approved

- Trusted staff

- At least 95% uptime

- At least 1 gpbs upload connection

- Other

Perhaps through a request form that is send for review to the staff. This form lets the server admins fill in several fields and shows what the minimum requirements are.

On top of this, there could also be a user review system for community servers, that could rate servers independently for their performance and experience.

Not only will this make it easier for servers to be more visible to the appropriate player base, give players a more clear picture of what they can expect, but also allows for the game to have a more clear indication of what its development direction is going to be and the "intended" multiplayer setting.