Recent Update Needs Improvements

Psyc shared this feedback 7 months ago

As much as I love updates for Space Engineers, I, and I'm sure others of the community, feel like the most recent (Warfare 1) update was a little lacking. I like the new weapons and infantry mechanics and I appreciate the time that was clearly dedicated to them in the update but, the additional blocks added do not feel special or even complete especially in regards to the new Passage blocks. With at least 2 key blocks missing from them (Passage corner and Passage 3-way). It's not that the update was not good and the additions were poor quality, they are still very high detail models, it's just the content was lacking compared to other updates.

I still love what Keen is doing and the updates are always appreciated!

On another note I would love to see something like an armour camo added each update (like how there's a character skin in most updates)