Reactor Realism and a(n) RCS

Ian Lakinger shared this feedback 22 months ago

Ian Lakinger ● 1 second ago

Reactors should require ice to be cooled and kept from melting down (credit to Micle In an atmosphere, there a three ways a body will lose heat, convection, radiation and conduction, as i'm sure you know. In space, there is no air to form a convection current, or anything to conduct away the heat, which leaves radiation, the most inefficient form of heat loss. Unlike what you would see in movies, you wouldn't instantly freeze, but would veeeeeeery sslowly lose heat energy. This is why spacecraft need radiators, to help dissipate the heat and radiate it away. so in space, realistically, you would still need ice, or radiator fins. Also, any reactor should need to be sealed in concrete or something to protect the player from radiation (credit to Micle for inspiration). This would make it inefficient to just slap a reactor on a rocket. So they should also add rcs (reaction control system) thrusters and allow building with small blocks on large grids (and rocket fins for in atmosphere) which would eliminate the need for ion thrusters (aka the need for lots of energy) on small to medium large grid spacecraft.