Pulling needed things in Build Planner to your docked ship

Robert Lindberg shared this feedback 3 years ago

I have been using the Blue Constructor (Learning to survive scenario) lately to build some things that needs a lot of resources. Btw my constructor has been upgraded with more storage and an actual conveyor connection to the cockpit so that life support works.

My issue is that I can't sit in the cockpit and pull what I need to my ship (while docked to the base ship). If I try to do that using the Build Planner, the resources end up everywhere, including on any other ships currently docked.

So I have to park near a docking port (but not dock), then get out and manually pull what I need into player inventory and then put that into my work ship. That's a lot of hazzle, so I often just park my base ship as close as possible and then work directly without the constructor. I kill myself alot colliding with things while doing that.

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