Proper Map/Scenario Editor

Kevin Lynch shared this feedback 2 years ago

In short, building scenarios and custom maps for SE is made very difficult by the fact we don't have a proper map or scenario editor as part of the default game or even as a DLC pack. While we do have creative mode and the visual scripting tool, these just aren't satisfactory.

  • In creative mode, time continues to pass and objects will continue to spawn. Which means you just don't have control of the map.
  • While the visual scripting tool is better than it was. To my recollection it doesn't allow players to build maps and it's much more of an advanced tool that goes beyond most players abilities.

The Map Editor

  • Should allow players to place objects in the world. Including objects from mods.
  • Players should be able to place an object with precision and tweak the position and orientation of the object.
  • A visual representation of the objects entire field of effect should be presents. For example the extent of a planet's gravitational field would be highlighted as would the firing arc of a turret or the damage radius of a warhead.
  • Time absolutely should not pass while the map is being edited. For example when the player moves from A to B. The editor shouldn't start procedurally spawning asteroids all over the place.
  • It would also be nice if we could control the dispersal of seeds for procedurally generated asteroids and the various ores included in the game and with mods. However this is somewhat less important than the above.
  • Another "nice to have" feature would be the ability to generate custom planets. This feature would include a simple 2D terrain editor used to generate hight maps and the ability to alter variables such as atmospheric composition/colour, vegetation type and ore types and distribution.

The Scenario Editor

This should essentially be a simpler version of visual scripting that is included as a game mode and should not require the player to download any additional special tools.

  • Players should be able to setup simple triggers that initiate scenario events.
  • Triggers should come in the forms of specific actions such as pushing a button or damaging a block as well as in the form of zones with inner and outer boundaries allowing zones to be layered.
  • When a has been created, the player should then be able to choose from a set of prefab events. For example, a pirate base may spawn a few kilometers away as a player enters a new zone. Perhaps a zone could be a trigger for a wolf attack. If a player builds a beacon, then maybe that will prompt drop pods to be spawned with some basic resources or perhaps it guides an AI supply ship to a docking point. On investigating a seemingly abandoned base, players could be left alone until they start hacking blocks.
  • While it would be nice to be able to control the exact shape of the zone boundaries. Simple spheres and cubes should be sufficient for simple scenarios.
  • Other "nice to haves" for the scenario editor would be the ability to import custom audio and images for use with sound blocks and lcd screens.

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