Progression Tree - Warhead

Regis shared this feedback 3 years ago

So i'm in my survival world, and i was thinking about making a giant underground cave for my storage, 3 large cargo containers and 3 hydrogen tanks. So the easiest way for me to dig out the cave would be dig down 30 meters or so and plant one simple large grid warhead. Well surprise! Even tho the Basic Refinery can refine Magnesium and Silicon [both required for the explosive component] the Warhead unlocks after i build a reactor! Like why ? It does not require uranium [fuel for reactor] nor silver [ingot for reactor components]. It's no longer dependent on the Refinery which is above the reactor. I completely understand unlocking the reactor after the refinery since you need the Refinery to refine Uranium. But since the basic refinery can refine Fe Ni Co Si Mg Stone why not place the Warhead higher up? We need it to clear voxels on planet!

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