Power cables, gas pipes and air ducts

Thales Benetti Vieira Vaz shared this feedback 5 months ago

Imagine this scene:

You are in your ship, in a industrial corridor. The floor is a grid floor and under that, pipes of diverse types. The wall have lower cables that following, looking for a power box. You find, open and turn the lever. The emergency red light turn off and the normal white light turn on. But it's just for a moment. All the light turn off, you know there is some wrong so draw your weapon and turn on the flashlight. You can to hear some think at your left, inside the air ducts, so keep walking until find a duct grid. So you turn off the fan and open the grid. There's nothing inside and now you are on floor trying to understand what is happening. You look up and the things is there. You shot but hot the pipes at roof, they crack and a smoke screen appear between the thing and you. So you get up, pass through the smoke screen, and spin the pipe wheel at wall. You don't know which has this pipes are transporting but now you are in a fog. You access the air ducts terminal and insoles this area. Now you start to back to say the others what you saw.

You can see the pipes, power cables and air ducts could turn the game more interesting. I suggest implement this objects.