Plugins - auto updates, dependency trees, load isolation

[uRxP]DrChocolate shared this feedback 3 years ago

I really appreciate that Keen has introduced support for multiple plugins, both client and server side, in last Thursday's patch!

However, there's a few missing features that I'd love to see:

  • Automatic updates - Allow users to specify a github repo for the plugin and then automatically pull a new version when it's released
  • Dependency trees - Allow users to specify a list of other plugins they rely on, which must get downloaded and run before it. Same functionality that you have for mods now.
  • Load Isolation - currently anything in a plugin assembly gets loaded too early at runtime - it gets hit by SE's self-reflection for e.g. building factories, Session components are constructed that aren't even used, etc. Please load plugin code AFTER the rest of SE has loaded (but obviously before a session starts).

FYI for your reference all three of the above features were implemented by Rynchodon's Space Engineers Plugin Loader.