Please add more hotbars for the G-menu

Patrick Heney shared this feedback 2 years ago

Please add another 9x hotbars for the G-menu.

With the advent of many additional blocks from Economy, Frostbite, Sparks of the Future, Scrap Race, Warfare 1, and presumably additional blocks from Warfare 2, as well as the ability to add hundreds of new blocks from mods, the hotbar capacity has become borderline inadequate. This suggestion addresses that problem.

There are currently 9 hotbars, which can each be reached using the hotkeys 1-9. They can also be navigated between using then inequality symbols < and >. Navigation to the original 9 hotbars would remain using hotkeys 1-9, and the remaining would be reachable via < and >. Or perhaps they could become SHIFT+NUMBER, or ALT+NUMBER, etc. Each combination provides access to another 9 hotbars.

This feedback is specifically to request additional hotbars. My suggestions on the hotkeys to use and the method of navigation between them, are not the focal point of this request. There may be better / other ways to handle the navigation.

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