Player Loading and Transmission of Block Updates

Mathew Weiss shared this feedback 2 months ago

I'd like the developers to explore a more graceful way of loading players into servers. A slower, less impactful way where the player is locked in god mode for a short period while the world loads around them. Lowering both impact to the client PC and the server itself. or possibly only loading the surrounding 100m rapidly and the rest gradually. I'm not sure if the client keeps the players world location stored and only updates the difference but that would also increase performance and lower server usage.

Also I'd like some exploration by the developers on methods of lowering the amount of client -< server -> client updates that happen, it feels like every single physics interaction is relayed to all players in the area, as opposed to the start and end states of those interactions. If two ships collide the players all around it don't need to simulate every single interaction millisecond by millisecond, seeing the blocks destroyed as the server tells them would vastly reduce processing and communication. There may even be methods of offloading physics interactions to client PC's to compute and only updating the server with results to be communicated to all clients.

I may be horribly wrong about these but they're just lay observations of one server admin. I hope they help / contribute in some way.