Performance suggestions

tommelom10 shared this feedback 2 years ago

i have noticed some blocks render when they don't need to. like the inside of connected(green) conveyor pipes. or the side faces of sloped and half blocks.

the conveyor junction block is fully rendered even if you cover all sides with armor.

all sides off the ramp and stairs blocks also render.

i don't know how hard it is to program the game so parts of blocks don't render when they are covered. but if this was fixed it would allow for bigger ships and stations to be built without the performance hit.

how to see for yourself:

get a ship with many different shapes(i.e not a box with thrusters ship) go into spectator and look inside the walls and blocks. if the game was perfectly optimized you should be able to see out of the block and thru the next one, like you can with the armor block(cube) and interior walls.

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