PCU trading

Andrew Boyd Johnson shared this feedback 16 months ago

my gamer name is renegade I must say sorry to you and your server admins. now that im not mad i apologize.

i had an idea that may help with people taking advantage of PCU trading on official servers. a few things actually,

1st idea remove PCU trading completely and replace it with extra PCU being a commodity that can only be randomly acquired threw "strong unknown signals' thus creating an encouragement for players to explore and move around the star system. Possible problem with this would be players grinding all day to just find the signals.

2nd Idea. players should be limited on the number of safe zones they can have and maybe the number of turrets

3rd Idea PCU could be a reward for extremely difficult contracts.

4th Idea limit the number of and increase the speed of despawn of floating objects to help Sim speed

lastly as a player that likes to build, when the PCU trading is taken away could we get a bump in PCU to something simular to what the BIG Red Keen ship takes ~16k PCU maybe 17.5k.

maybe even have the day or hours before a server wipe be a no holds bar unlimited PCU Build off.