pcu limit suck on keen servers

Usurpine Susanti shared this feedback 2 years ago

After long time i was playing in a keen server. Now i am seriously optimized my way to build ships, i have developed my own way to build ships from blueprints very fast and after playing the second day i already had my 2nd jump drive on my ship. Because i was starting from a planet i wanted to launch and switched my ship from atmo to hydro and run into lack of pcu.

So i couldnt finish building my main ship, had do sacrifice my actual mining ship and then i was feeling sick of this limits.

Limits i dont want, i dont like. We have overpowerd computers with 64 gb of ram, heavy CPU and still we are limited and have to reduce the design of our ships to the minimum.

Keen servers dont allow scripts and every second minute i had a disconnect for 1-2 seconds because the server was not able to keep up.

As long as you are a noob player and work on mining with your manual tools building up a simple base the game looks good.

But once you know the game and want to start serious gameplay you find out that Space Engineer is not capable of fullfilling your expacations. I am pretty disappointed to find that out after hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Only way out is having my own dedicated server where there are no limits. But keen servers pretty much suck.

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