Painting system needs MAJOR improvements

David Eastwick shared this feedback 7 months ago

One of the first things I tried when coming from Empyrion to Space Engineers was to decorate my base.

The selection of Textures is very limited, and you can only paint the whole block and not sides.

You also can not paint blocks behind non full block items, so although you can see the block behind a letter you can not paint it....time to grind down the letter, paint the block and rebuild the letter.

Textures also need to be detached from DLC, It would be ok if there was a ton of textures and the DLC gave access to just one or two unique ones but for mates who have no DLC...well they are out of luck on the already limited painting system. This also causes issues when working on a shared base as they can not paint blocks the same as me if I use a DLC texture.

DLC should be unique item variations of existing blocks, scenarios, player skins, emotes and not things like completly unique items and textures, (that is from someone who owns all the DLC)