Other shaped Space Suites

Lord_Anubis shared this feedback 3 years ago

Dear Keen,

I love your skins and I am a very Fan of the old Egypt Mythology....so I wanted to have the Pharao Suite...and I am so sorry, but I am very dissapointed.

The System to find Skins is very great... but I think it will be great if you dont find skins, rather new Space Suite Parts... for example....in my Case a Anubis Head shaped Helmet (not that shit anubis from Stargate, the old Priest Helmet at the ancient Mummification rituals) or Space Suites that look like the new NASA ones ore these from SpaceX. More Shapes to put the skins on it. Or the Sektan Zombie Suite and many more.

Think about it. This Improves the Individuallity in a better way on servers. Factions could choose a Space Suite in a different of other. One Faction wears a Wolf like Helmet, the other lik a lion ( shape like the Power Rangers helmets, not like metal versions of the animal). Think about Biker. They Costumize their Helmet and I think, to costumize your space suite, the players will LOVE IT.

If you want more Information about my idea, I can make sketches for you how I think it would work.

your Sincerely


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