Ores, Materials and Components

punkatron shared this feedback 2 years ago

The current Ores, Materials and Components we have could use a number of additions in my opinion. At present, we have Iron, Cobalt, Silicon, Silver, Gold, Nickel, Magnesium, Platinum, Uranium, Stone and Ice.

All are used to produce a number of Materials (ingots etc), used to craft Components.


One obvious new addition would be Copper, having so many applications in manufacturing and industry, and especially Electronics. It would tie in with a new Component, which I really do think we need...

At present, we are constructing quite complex technology with rather vague, generic sounding parts, such as “Construction Components”. At the very least, we should have “Electronics” on top of that. Virtually all our machinery is going to require electronic components. Yes, we have “Computer Chips”, but Computer Chips require…computers and circuitry etc. One of the prerequisite Materials for “Electronics” would be Copper Ingots. I’d also argue a small amount of “Magnesium” and “Gold Ingots” could be used for Electronics too.


Widely used in construction, Titanium needs to be added as a Material, required for among other things “Heavy Armour Blocks” (along with existing “Metal Grids”). Steel alone doesn’t cut it. One could also consider “Aluminium” for the “Light Armour Blocks” (Iron/Steel retained for everything else).

I could go further, and suggest another potential resource: “Petrochemicals”. Petrochemicals could be gathered simply by placing a block directly onto the voxel (while attached to a powered grid). No more interaction is required. While turned on, the block would automatically mine/extract petrochemicals from the ground. The block proceeds to generate an output of “Plastic Moulds”, a new Component that could be used in all manner of existing blocks, from cockpits, to conveyors, to medical bays. Not everything in the world is made of metal.