on off should replace toggle in main menue

Usurpine Susanti shared this feedback 2 years ago

When i first started the game it took me several ship crashes and i was very confused with the toggle buttons which look like an on and off button and i instinctivly expected, when i select severall items on the left side and then press "on" it will switch on the selection.

It took me really long to fully understand that it only looks like an on button but is a toggle and if you have one item selected out of many which is already on, it will switch off that item.

So this was really a trap for me.

I still have problems with that, but now i know i have to look closer at EVERY item if its really on or not.

And this is a pain in the butt. If you have a long list and you goto one item in the list and want to switch it, then it jumps back to top and I have to scroll down again that long list.

I wish there would be a better grouping, or it should not jump back to the top and memorize the last position but at least if you press of something where its writtin ON than it should not toggle.

So my suggestion is to fix that because this would make the learning curve for new players much easier to climb and normal users more comfortable to manage long lists of Thrusters. It will also prevent crashes and thats a life saver.

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