"Old Blocks" need some love too !! + other suggestions

ArisShark shared this feedback 3 months ago

Old blocks need love too! + Other suggestions

Some of the blocks are old as the game itself....please give an alternative design to chose from. *for those that dont like their game full with mods. (Like you did with Ion thrusters, wheels ,antenna dish etc...)

Top suggestion -The space is not realistic! Static nebulas (that can not be reached) will add some colour to the unrealistic darkness / Static distant stars and suns (that can not be reached) in combination with a new light system will make space more beautiful and realistic !

1)Reactors + Big Hydrogen tanks make it hard to build around because of their "round nature" we need alternative options - hopefully more nice looking!

2) Cargo containers and conveyors... no alternative option to chose from!

3) Gyros...also round...No alternative option.

4)"Big" refinery + assembler - No alternative design option.

5) Warfare 1 DLC / Passages are missing key blocks like the corner block. They are beautiful but limited and with limitation they lose funtionality.

6) Engines and engine sound - the monotonous noise is horrible / would be nice to have the sound change according to driving.

7) Smaller solar panels for large grid. In order to place them easier and better on a ship.

8) Engines with propellers!

9)Food and water! In survivor mode!


11) Warfare 1 - the rocket is bigger than the rocket launcher...needs different ammo.

12) Radars!

13) Camera with option to move and look around (alt+mouse)